Audio Lessons

Awareness Through Movement® lessons focus on basic movements performed in daily life, such as reaching, sitting, and lying down and on specific parts of the body, e.g. jaws, back, knees, neck, and ankles.For example, students seated in chairs are asked to see how far they can rotate their necks. Through a series of guided verbal instructions, students may repeat a movement and connect it to moving other body parts such as the shoulders, ribs and head.

As they bring more parts of themselves into play with each repetition, students often notice improvements in the way they move. For example, necks can rotate a little bit farther and, by the end of the lesson, significantly farther than when they began.

Free Lessons

Feldenkrais Audio Lesson Instructions
Before doing any lessons, it is essential to read these directions.

Pelvic Clock with Arm Movements
This is a simple Feldenkrais lesson that increases mobility of your pelvis and spine. The lesson is around 45 minutes long.

Unified rolling
This lesson will help you to develop a unified sense of your body using rolling to your side.